Cyber-War Readiness Assessment

  • Simulated Red Team exercises in collaboration with Blue & Purple Teams
  • Defense strategy based on real attack use case study
  • Case study adapted from Incident Playbook

Industry Challenges
Defence Readiness

Cyber-attack readiness is the smart key to achieve effective defense, a poor defense makes an organization easy target for attackers.

Audit | Compliance

Security Compliance and Maturity of overall security posture is highly dependent on periodic report review of protective security controls for the defense.

360o Visibility

Overall visibility of business critical and non-critical assets might get missed if the defense coverage is not thorough.

Our unique Solution Based Approach
Global Threat Intelligence Analytics | Industry wide use cases | Tailor made client specific service baskets | Comprehensive coverage with global experience | Rich resource pool collaborations
Comprehensive Coverage

With its systematic and holistic approach SecuritySaints will drive the overall Cyber-War readiness assessment exercise.

Industry Expertise

Our security engineers are seasoned experts having multiple use cases of various industry standard financial applications, complex networks and sophisticated databases.

AI Based Global Intel

Environment specific training for the in-house development/Infosec team by SecuritySaints industry experts.

Global Compromise Count Check 2019-20

Phishing Attack


Unpatched Vulnerabilities


DOS | DDos


SQL Injection & APTs


Cyber-War Readiness Service LifeCycle

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